Conduct statistical analysis right within Microsoft Excel

From regression, glm to factor analysis and stochastic volatility, we offer decision makers one of the most powerful statistical analysis suites for Excel on the planet. In addition, our API unleashes the power of the stats engine for your C++, .NET and Java apps.

Transform data into information

The Parietal Numerics Excel add-in is easy to use and exposes sophisticated routines using a point and click interface. Even R and Python users might want to take a look.

Point. Click. Analyze.

Our goal is to make statistical data analysis in Excel so easy that you forget about dropping down into Python or R. Furthermore, the sophistication of algorithms and the way the engine handles workloads might make you look at your data in an entirely different light.

Clean UI + Clear Documentation
Forms are designed for rapid interaction and to avoid choice paralysis. The documentation is written to be concise, searchable and hosted on a superfast global CDN.
Data Conditioning
Algorithms are half the story. What about scaling, smoothing and imputation? Box-Cox, Yeo-Johnson, Hodrick-Prescott and polynomial smoothing among others are all included to help you do just that.
Close to the metal
Efficient use of your machine makes for efficient use of your time. The engine seamlessly handles pipelining, queuing and multithreading of long running sims. Let the engine juggle jobs while you focus on your domain.

Why This One?

We have a unique computational model that decouples number crunching from Excel. This allows for complex interaction patterns. You can simultaneously request multiple compute requests, including sims, without bogging down the worksheet. This user experience is unique in the market.

Curated Set of Algorithms
Highly practical algorithms like penalized regression models, missing data imputation and smoothing make data conditioning and analysis extremely easy.
Seamless Workflow
You can run multiple simulation workloads without bogging down the worksheet. The engine maps jobs in a pipeline distributing the workload across all cpu cores. Your speed of experimentation translates directly to your ability to extract insights.
Powerful API
Get programmatic access to the engine and bypass Excel entirely if you need. We offer bindings for C++, .Net and Java. In fact, we write the Excel front-end with the exact same bindings for .Net that we provide you.

Everything you need

Improving and Adding Features Steadily

Our speed of innovation is going to be extremely high. Ourroadmapincludes the general direction we'll be moving in.

Factor Analysis
See relationships in your data in terms of a smaller number of latent variables.
Generalized Linear Models
Regression analysis for non-normally distributed dependent variables. We implement five families and eight links.
Multivariate Cointegration Analysis
Find long running stable relationships in level data of time series. Contruct multi-asset mean reversion strategies if you are a trader.
Scaling & Smoothing
Prepare your data before passing it through analytical routines or simply observe long term cycles and trends.
Regression Analysis
A variety of regression routines are implemented including fat tailed ols, penalized regression i.e. lasso and ridge as well as LAD and robust regression.
Hypothesis Testing
In addition to ANOVA, a variety of hypothesis tests for location, dispersion and distribution of data help you conduct top-down analysis of your data.
Volatility Analysis
MCMC estimation of GARCH and Stochastic Volatility models. In addition, maximum likelihood estimation of GARCH(p, q) models is provided.

Explore without mutating worksheet

Iterate Faster

When you're initially exploring data, sometimes you simply want to play around and experiment without committing anything to the worksheet. Quickly probe, experiment and move forward.

Lightweight + lightning fast

Core engine less than 6MBs!

From maximizing cache hits to partial inspection of serialized packets, the core engine is relentlessly optimized for space and speed. We carried out repeated profiling to resolve bottlenecks. The resulting logic for serialization, pipelining, caching and multiprocessing is extremely low overhead.

Frequently asked questions

A more detailed FAQ page can be found here. Still can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What is your refund policy?
If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, contact us within 30 days and we'll refund you in full, no questions asked. We would rather you walk away happy than treat you unfairly. Our hope is that as the software evolves over time, we could win you back as a customer.
Do you offer priority support?
Yes. We offer this for customers who need things expedited and want help beyond simply software installs and licensing issues. These requests run to the head of our work stack. Walkthroughs and tutorials for up to 3 hours via a screenshare app is available. Priority Support is typically offered by one of the US based support staff. Please read the legal agreement here for further information.
What about MacOS and web versions of Excel?
Not currently. We are working hard to target those platforms. Stay tuned!
Will my license still be valid if I change machines?
We'll send you a new license tied to your new hardware. As a customer, this is not something you should worry about. Licensing is designed to keep honest people honest, not as a punitive mechanism.
How can I buy a license for my entire team?
For bulk licensing, contact us. Most likely we would send you a binary stripped of all licensing checks. We try to make things as easy as possible for all parties involved.

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